Do You Need to Re-Insulate your Home when Remodeling your Kitchen or Bath?

Do You Need to Re-Insulate your Home when Remodeling your Kitchen or Bath?

You’ve done it – you’ve finally remodeled your home to feature your dream kitchen with striking countertops that have so much storage, your grandmother would be jealous, beautiful floors that don’t need to be swept every 10 seconds, and cabinets that would make the Property Brothers shed a tear of pure joy. Your gorgeous bathroom renovation features a double sink with copious counter space and storage, heated tile flooring so your toes never know the cold of winter again, and appliances so shiny even Mr. Clean gets a little jealous.

Congrats. Your home is finally perfect. Or is it? Did that remodeling company you threw the keys to factor in not just the pretty design on the outside but the inside as well? Remodeling is more than just fancy backsplashes and state-of-the-art appliances. Remodeling reaches deep into your walls, your plumbing, your electrical supplies, and – you guessed it – your insulation.

How Reinsulating During a Remodel Saves You Money

While the word “renovations” may sound like the arch nemesis of your savings account, there are some pretty awesome ways to save that cold hard cash in the long run. Specifically, replacing your insulation during a remodel can save you cold feet, headaches, and energy costs in the future.

As insulation ages, it can be exposed to certain factors the deteriorate both the insulation and the insulation’s effectiveness. Settling and compression over time (think decades) cause insultation to lose its effectiveness in protecting a home against temperature fluctuations (and fluctuating energy bills). Water leaking into your home’s insultation can lead to the four-letter word of property ownership – mold. Would you believe that even the government affects insultation? Older homes not subject to energy regulations at the time of their construction have thinner layers of insulation than newer builds and could use a new or second layer of insultation.

While home remodeling may be taking money out of your pocket today, it can also be putting money back in in the long run. According to Angie’s List, “proper insulation and weather-stripping can reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs by up to 20 percent, according to Energy Star, and your annual energy bill by up to 10 percent, highly rated HVAC professionals say.”

Yes – You Should Reinsulate Your Home During a Remodel

Assuming you’re not remodeling a brand-new home, you and your wallet would greatly stand to benefit re-insulting your home during a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. You’ve already got the remodeling company up close and personal with your drywall, so adding an additional layer within the remodel project’s timeline can save you the hassle of doing it in the future after the walls have been closed. Knocking out (remodeling puns) insulation upgrades sooner than later will get you on the road to energy savings.

Less we need to further convince you, upgrading your home’s insultation throughout your remodel projects means a better ecosphere for your home’s building materials. From saving a roof from damage by preventing heat loss and drafts to preventing ice damming and leaks, reinsulation is always a great idea when remodeling your kitchen and bath.