Garage Wall Insulation

Most people will agree that is important to insulate the outside walls. However, the exterior garage wall often goes without insulation. If a house has an attached garage, it will have a common exterior wall.


Interior wall gets exterior treatment

The walls connecting the living area with the garage would not normally be labeled “exterior. This is because it counts as actually being inside the house. However, this is not true for the thermal insulation level. In this situation it should be considered exterior. The garage is much more like an outside place because it is not heated or cooled by the energy systems in the home.

By insulating the walls that are separating the garage from the living area, the house is protected from the extreme temperatures outdoor. Builder might unfortunately choose to ignore this wall, because they are unfamiliar, or to save money.

A home energy diagnoses conducted by a professional home energy consultant can set a course of what to do in the common area to see if it is insulated properly. If it is not, cellulose in dense-pack form can be blown into the walls, or fiberglass can be placed in the stud bays.


Popular Choice- Insulate all walls in the garage

People use their garages for different things. Many people do wood projects or automotive work, for such situations, this is a popular option. If you have a workspace in the garage, it will pay in the long run to insulate the garage for you to work there with ease, when the temperatures are extreme.



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