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During the winter, most people usually end up paying for the harsh effects of the weather… literally. Their homes always end up cold no matter what they do to try and keep them warm. Well, did you check your insulation? Yes. Poor home insulation can play a big part in energy loss in your Lewisboro home during the winter. Take your attic for example. Insulation in this part of the house is often overlooked. Therefore, the attic becomes the coldest place in the house during winter and the hottest during summer. Heat rises. That means calling us up to check the insulation in your home would be worth considering.

We proudly serve Lewisboro, NY. Our company will help you reduce your energy bills by improving your home’s energy efficiency.


Much of the energy you pay for supposedly meant to warm and cool your home ends up lost making it a great waste of money and a strain on our environment. Even the floor itself can contribute to loss of up to 10% of energy in your home. Proper insulation can help you save almost 50% on your heating and cooling bills while maximizing efficiency and comfort for your family.

Types of Insulation

Home Insulators of Lewisboro offers different types of insulation which can make it quite difficult for homeowners to decide on which one is right for their home. Our professionals will guide you through the various types of insulation and which we recommend for your particular application. Some types of insulation products include:


Batts and Rolls insulation/blanket insulation

It derived its name blanket” from its nature to be flexible and its ability to roll out flat during its installation. It is made of recycled paper, fiberglass, rock wool, or flexible polyester. It is available in different sizes to accommodate the different standard widths in homes. Batts and Rolls insulation is a great cost-effective solution to insulation needs. Ask a professional to help you with installation. When installed improperly, this type of insulation could end up losing half of its potential as a heat barrier as a result of poor coverage.









Blown-in/Loose-fill insulation

This insulation product consists of tiny particles of fiberglass, rock wool, fiber, foam, or cellulose. It is good for both small or hard to reach spaces in the home for example, unfinished attics, walls, fairly new wall cavities, tiny crawl spaces, etc. Blown-in insulation requires special equipment as well as trained professionals for proper installation. Many Lewisboro attics contain our blown insulation.


Rigid Board Insulation

This one would be a great choice for new construction projects because it provides a high R-value. This product is also easy to install in unfinished walls, new roofs, new construction/remodel, basements, etc. The rigid board can be cut in many sizes and is great for molding around pipes.

house foundation construction thermal insulation with styrofoam

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam insulation is the best as well as the most expensive type of insulation product. We highly encourage our Lewisboro clients to consider spray foam. This is because it tends to pay for itself within just a few years of use and can help cut your heating and cooling bills by up to half.


Spray foam is made up of two chemical materials that are mixed, heated, and then sprayed through a special hose. The bio-safe foam begins to expand immediately and forms an airtight seal that keeps heat from seeping through to the outside. It is also easy to install making it one of the best choices for old as well as new homes.


Spray foam can be used between any joints and studs within the home together with existing walls. It’s simple. Our professionals will start by drilling a hole into your wall and then insert the spray foam carefully. We will then patch the small hole.


Why Spray Foam Insulation?


Spray Foam Insulation is our number one choice when it comes to insulation products. Why? Because it is one of those products that does more than you need it to. It will not only ensure your home is comfortable during the winter, it will cut down your energy costs. You will notice the difference. Other benefits of this type of insulation include:


-a reduction in noise levels thanks to the airtight quality it has

-improve the air quality in your home

-reduce the number of insects and rodents

-higher resale value of your home

-reduce allergens in the home







Call us today to schedule your free, in-home energy audit. One of our friendly customer service representatives will schedule an appointment, day or evening, with our certified energy auditors. A trained auditor will come to your home to examine your existing insulation, and to conduct an on-site blower test. This simple and quick test will indicate which areas of your home have inadequate insulation which leads to heat transfer and higher energy costs. The auditor will then provide you with a detailed recommendation specific to your residence, and discuss the potential benefits of upgrading your insulation. There is no cost or obligation for this visit so click here to schedule an appointment today!

Your home may also benefit from one of our other types of insulation products. Many of our satisfied customers choose to just upgrade their attic insulation, because this is typically the greatest contributor to heat loss. Batts and rolls (or blanket) insulation is a very cost-effective option for providing greater R-value protection in your attic. Blown-in or loose-fill insulation is made of tiny pieces of insulation material that are blown through a hose to provide coverage in hard to reach spaces, or to fill in over inadequate insulation. Both batts and blown-in insulation are excellent options, and can be installed in just one day. So, please click here for more information.

If you are considering new construction or a remodel in Briarcliff Manor, call us during the planning process to learn more about rigid board insulation. This is the perfect choice for new roofs or unfinished walls, and can also be cut and molded around piping or air ducts. We would be very happy to provide you with a no obligation estimate for either spray foam or rigid board insulation for your new home or remodeling job.

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We provide free estimates and energy audits to all interested clients in Lewisboro, NY. Our team of professionals has been helping customers reduce their energy costs for the last few decades. Our company is bonded and insured and our products are class A rated products. We aim to offer 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee our work.


We are happy to help and are eager to make your family and your life much more comfortable. Call us now and let’s discuss how to transform your home and energy costs.


Lewisboro, NY


Lewisboro, NY, 10590 is a small town in Westchester County, New York. Its population stands at a little over 12,000. We can help you get through this coming winter while being comfortable. Call us today for a free estimate on quality home insulation products.



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