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If you are looking for quality home insulation products, provided under professional workmanship then look no further. We are your expert provider of home insulation products and services in Hillsdale. For decades now, we’ve been helping homeowners in Hillsdale like you reduce their energy bills.


Homeowners in Hillsdale benefit from having a free energy audit conducted in their homes to deal with the issue of poor home insulation. Poor insulation may be the reason why your energy bills are always so high. Up to 50% of what you pay for energy may be going right out the door as a result of the gaps in your home’s insulation. One way of reducing your monthly energy bill is through upgrading the insulation. Improving energy efficiency in your home is one of the simplest and most affordable ways of reducing your energy bills. Call us now to book a free in-home energy audit. We are at your service 7 days a week to answer all your home insulation questions.


One way of knowing how well an insulation product works is through measuring its R-value. An R-value indicates an insulation material’s ability to resist the transfer and loss of heat. Both older homes and new homes can benefit greatly from using products with high R-values. This is as a result of the cold winters, humidity, and variable climate across the four seasons.


Physics explains it this way: heat will naturally flow towards the colder areas in the home like the cold attic or basement. It will eventually end up lost outdoors. During warmer periods, the opposite happens, with hot air moving indoors to your much cooler air-conditioned spaces in the home. Improving your home’s insulation will lead to a tight barrier that prevents heat transfer, ensuring that your home is more comfortable and energy-saving at the same time.

Types of Insulation

We provide many types of home insulation options that are all very affordable. Every client’s budget is catered for. We realize it can be quite confusing to understand all the different options available, so we’ll work with you to choose the best insulation product for your home and budget needs. You can call now for a free no-obligation consultation.


Once you contact us, we will send one of our energy auditors to your home to carry out a blower test. A blower test is a simple practice that helps us decide on which areas in your home have a lot to gain from new insulation. According to the results of the test, our expert will most likely recommend one of the following insulation products to improve your home’s energy effectiveness.


*Batts and rolls insulation 


It is also referred to as blanket insulation. People call it blanket because it is a large roll that is usually cut into fixed proportions that are then fitted to fill spaces in between attic studs. Batt insulation is made of rock wool, cellulose, recycled paper or fiberglass. It comes in different R-values, and can be quite an affordable type of insulation method. Nonetheless, we advise you to ask a pro to help you with installation. Fiberglass is one material that is difficult to work with, causes skin irritation along with other health issues. In addition, if this product is not installed correctly, it can lose more than 50% of its efficiency because of the gaps in coverage.









*Blown-in/Loose-fill insulation


This is a type of insulation product composed of tiny particles of insulation materials ranging from rock wool, cellulose, fiberglass to recycled material. Blown-in insulation is named after its application technique which is through blowing the insulation material through a specialized hose. This insulation product works great in many different spaces in your home, plus areas you can’t reach easily, small spaces, new and/or existing wall cavities and unfinished attics. Not to worry, our staff has had years of experience in this process and each is fully trained. We’ll be through with installation in your home in a day.


*Rigid board insulation


This type of insulation product is made of rock wool or fiberglass and comes in large, strong sheets that are cut to fit many different spaces in the home. Rigid board insulation is one of the best choices for construction projects just starting out as well as unfinished walls or new roofs, and can also be molded around air ducts or pipes. If you are interested in getting a home addition or home remodel, call us now and we’ll give you a free quote on rigid board insulation.

house foundation construction thermal insulation with styrofoam

*Spray foam insulation


This is perhaps the best method of home insulation in the market for both old and new homes. This high quality product provides an unmatched thermal and heat barrier. Spray foam products have the highest R-values. Spray foam is composed of two different chemical materials that are mixed, heated and afterwards sprayed through a special hose. The foam is totally bio-safe and expands instantly creating an airtight barrier with great insulation properties. Spray foam can be used in between joists and studs all over your home, and can also be used in existing walls. A small hole is first drilled into the wall, after which the spay foam is inserted to expand all through the wall. The small hole will then be patched, to eliminate the need for dust and the usual difficulties that come with knocking down walls in an existing home.


Why Spray Foam Insulation?


We always recommend spray foam insulation to all our Hillsdale clients as this is the best insulation method to improve the standard of comfort in your home as well as making it more energy-efficient. Although spray foam is normally more expensive when compared to other insulation methods, it usually tends to pay for itself in less than 3 years. This is because you will save up to 40% on your monthly energy bills all through the year. Other advantages of spray foam insulation are:


*Higher resale value of your home should you ever choose to sell


*Improvement in air quality


*A quiet home, with less disturbances from the outside


*Less pests and rodents in the home


*Less allergens in your home









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Pick up the phone and call us today to discuss all your home insulation needs. Scheduling an in-home energy audit is free. We simply want to reach all homeowners we can and help them reduce their energy bills. Do you want affordable energy while maximizing on energy conservation? Talk to the experts: The Home Insulators of Hillsdale


Hillsdale, New Jersey

Hillsdale 07462, is a borough in the county of Bergen in New Jersey. The borough’s name is derived from the specific location of the region. It is a dale among hills. A popular point of recreation in Hillsdale would be he Stony Brook Swim Club that houses an Olympic sized pool, intermediate pool, kid’s pool, waterslides, etc. It is a great place to take the kids out or spend a day with your family. Some of the towns served by our Hillsdale location are Woodcliff Lakes 07677, Park Ridge 07656, Montvale 07645, River Vale 07675, Westwood 07675, Washington TWP 07676 and Ho-Ho Kus 07423.



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