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Over the past 30 years, The Home Insulators has grown to become a household name in Westchester County. We have been installing and servicing home insulation products all over the county and are now proud to be associated with the wonderful city of Peekskill. The Home Insulators of Peekskill specializes in Home Insulation solutions. We are the #1 provider in Westchester County. We have a competent team with years of experience in conducting home assessments, installation of insulation products, and remarkable customer service. We are driven by the desire to see you live comfortably, and to reduce your monthly energy expenditures. When you think of home insulation, think The Home Insulators.


About Peekskill, New York

Peekskill was first incorporated within the Town of Cortlandt, but later separated as a city in 1940. It is located in a bay area along Hudson’s east side. The vibrant population of over 20,000 residents brings Peekskill to life. You can spend your days at the Charles Point Park, which offers a breathtaking view of the Hudson River, Depew Park: popular for its trails, ballfields, pools and ponds; and many others such as Lepore, Fort Hill, Riverfront Green, and Tompskins Parks. Peekskill has many older homes built in the early 1900s and many of them may not have up-to-date insulation. This can be problematic during the cold winters and hot northeastern summers. The Home Insulators has a range of products that could benefit many homes in Peekskill today. We’re here to minimize excessive heat transfers and ensure your comfort at home. Give us a call today to see how much you can save on your energy bills.

Heat transfer and Insulation?

Heat transfer occurs when heat moves from a warm region to the cooler parts of a given space. This is common in our day-to-day living where in summer, heat will find its way into the cooler parts of your home, such as the attic or basement. In winter, on the other hand, your furnace produces heat, and the warm currents flow to the cooler sections of your house. In both scenarios, heat transfer is happening and to compensate you have to keep your systems constantly running. The result is that you consume more energy and pay more for it. This is where insulation comes in handy. Insulation seeks to minimize heat transfer so that you don’t have to keep on pumping either hot or cool air in your house.


The effectiveness of insulating materials is measured using R-values. A material with a high resistance to heat transfer has a high R-value, while that with lower resistance has a low R-value. For regions that experience extreme temperatures in both winters and summers, The Home Insulators recommends high R-value insulation. To guide you through the selection process, just give us a call and one of The Home Insulators’ qualified energy auditors will meet you at your home or business, assess it for insulation needs and heat transfer capacity, then recommend the best insulation solution for you, all for free and at no-obligation.

Types of Insulation

Among the many insulation products we offer, below are the four main ones:

Batts and rolls: This is the most widely-used and common type of insulation. Flexible fibers are the main component, and are mostly made out of fiberglass. Batts and rolls can also be made out of rock and slag (mineral wool), natural fibers (such as cotton and sheep’s wool), and plastic fibers. Standard materials for making batts and rolls have R-values ranging from R-2.9 to R-3.8 per inch in thickness. They work well with standard spaces such as wall studs, floor joists, or attics. Also known as blanket insulation, they can be cut or trimmed to fit irregular spaces. 









Blown-in (Loose fill) insulation: They can be made out of small fiber particles, foam or other materials such as cellulose, rock or slag (mineral) wool, and fiberglass. Loose fill insulation is designed to conform to any space, without distorting existing structures. This makes the insulation suitable for places that are difficult to reach. They work well in both enclosed cavities (such as walls), and unenclosed ones such as attics.


Rigid foam insulation: While cellulose and fiberglass cannot prevent air movement, rigid foam can. It is more costly than batts and rolls, and loose fill. It is also more difficult to install it compared to the other options. That is why we recommend you have the job done by an expert. When installed properly, it forms an effective air barrier. Once installed, it stays in place and does not shift like batt or blown-in insulation.

house foundation construction thermal insulation with styrofoam

Spray foam. This is a high-performance multipurpose insulation. It is made by mixing different types of chemicals and heating the mixture. It is then sprayed using a special hose and truck. It is the best in terms of R-value, durability, versatility, air seal capacity, and resistance to moisture damage and mold. Although it is more expensive than other insulation options, its numerous advantages justify the cost. Other benefits include:

Effective gap and crack filler

Prevents air leaks through insulation

It is firm and doesn’t compress or lose R-value

Some spray foams are waterproof and don’t absorb water


Why Spray Foam Insulation?


Spray foam installation requires specialized equipment and skilled personnel. That is what The Home Insulators provide. We recommend this solution for Westchester County because it will reduce your energy bill by up to 30-40% every month. With spray foam insulation, your home’s resale value might just go up too.







Call us today to schedule your free, in-home energy audit. One of our friendly customer service representatives will schedule an appointment, day or evening, with our certified energy auditors. A trained auditor will come to your home to examine your existing insulation, and to conduct an on-site blower test. This simple and quick test will indicate which areas of your home have inadequate insulation which leads to heat transfer and higher energy costs. The auditor will then provide you with a detailed recommendation specific to your residence, and discuss the potential benefits of upgrading your insulation. There is no cost or obligation for this visit so click here to schedule an appointment today!

Your home may also benefit from one of our other types of insulation products. Many of our satisfied customers choose to just upgrade their attic insulation, because this is typically the greatest contributor to heat loss. Batts and rolls (or blanket) insulation is a very cost-effective option for providing greater R-value protection in your attic. Blown-in or loose-fill insulation is made of tiny pieces of insulation material that are blown through a hose to provide coverage in hard to reach spaces, or to fill in over inadequate insulation. Both batts and blown-in insulation are excellent options, and can be installed in just one day. So, please click here for more information.

If you are considering new construction or a remodel in Briarcliff Manor, call us during the planning process to learn more about rigid board insulation. This is the perfect choice for new roofs or unfinished walls, and can also be cut and molded around piping or air ducts. We would be very happy to provide you with a no obligation estimate for either spray foam or rigid board insulation for your new home or remodeling job.

Call us today

Home insulation will definitely be a worthwhile investment for you. You can say goodbye to air leaks, heat transfers and inconsistent temperatures especially in winters and summers where temperatures are extreme. Call us today and have your home insulation installed in no time. We are open 7 days a week and our energy auditors are available during both the days and evenings, in case you have a tight schedule. Consultation, assessment, and recommendations are absolutely free. Our products are also affordable and durable. Contact us today and take a step towards living a warm, and comfortable life.




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