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The Home Insulators is proud to be Port Chester’s #1 home insulation solutions provider. We pride ourselves in being of service to Westchester County for the last several decades. Our experience in home insulation is unparalleled. Our two primary goals are to ensure that you live in comfort during the harsh cold and hot seasons of the year, and lowering your energy consumption and bills to manageable levels. We have a professional team with years of experience and industry-level expertise in the installation of home insulation products. Currently, one of our top recommended products is spray foam insulation. Read further to learn more.

About Port Chester, New York

Also known as the “Restaurant Capital of Westchester County”, the Village of Port Chester has maintained position 3 in the list of top 10 most exciting places to reside in New York. Located about 40 miles from New York City, Port Chester was incorporated as a village in 1868. The splendid homes distributed across the major neighborhoods, Brooksville, Tower Hill, Colonial Ridge, Alden Estate, Washington Park, Rye Brook, Downtown, Purdy’s Grove, Edgeland, and Bowery could all be beneficiaries of home insulation especially when the Northeast climate becomes extremely cold in winter, and equally hot in summer. Our energy auditors can visit your home in Port Chester and conduct a free energy audit of your home as well as recommend the best insulation products for you.


If your home has been completed or remodeled recently, then it’s highly likely the insulation is also up to standards, but it’s worth checking just in case it was left out. For older homes, especially those built in the early 1900s or colonial period, there’s a high likelihood they’re lacking adequate insulation, or none at all. Without proper insulation, the long Northeastern winters, and hot, humid summer could become a nightmare especially if you have to overwork your furnace or air conditioner, and then pay for it later in form of monthly energy bills. On average, most American homes spend over half of their monthly energy consumption and bills on heating or cooling.

The second law of thermodynamics dictates that heat moves from warmer to cooler regions. This is also known as heat transfer. In the case of your home during winter, your furnace produces heat, which flows to cooler regions such as the attic, or basement. Therefore, your furnace has to be kept constantly on. During summer, heat moves into your house and spreads to the cooler regions. You thus have to keep your AC on, many times almost constantly to keep the upstairs comfortable. Both scenarios translate to high energy consumption. But with the right kind of insulation, you can spend less and live more comfortably, and that is what The Home Insulators offers you.


An R-value is the measure of an insulator’s effectiveness, or its capacity to constrain heat transfer. R-values are represented as units per inch. A high R-value insulator is able to resist heat transfer more than a low R-value equivalent. Since conditions can become unbearable during either summers or winters, The Home Insulators recommends high R-value insulation for your home. We have a variety of insulation products that will suit your budget. You don’t have to worry about missing out on the opportunity to live comfortably. If you’re not sure exactly which product would be good for your home, our team of energy auditors will be more than glad to visit your home and conduct an assessment. They will then offer obligation-free recommendations for the product that suits your home. Consultation is absolutely free, so give us a call today.

Types of Insulation

At The Home Insulators of Port Chester, we offer a variety of home insulation products including:

Batts and rolls: Also known as “blanket insulation”, the product can be rolled or turned to fit into spaces with varying dimensions, both regular and irregular. The major components in the products are either cellulose, polyester fiberglass, or recycled paper. It is a very cost-effective insulation solution for your home, but it has to be installed by a professional for it to achieve maximum efficiency, or it can lose up to 50% of its efficiency with improper install.









Loose-fill/blown-in insulation: The product, just like batts and rolls, is made of either fiberglass, small fiber particles, cellulose, or rock wool. For the spaces that may prove difficult to reach, such as attics, crawl spaces, and wall cavities, this is the best solution. Installation of loose-fill requires specialized hoses and trucks as well as qualified personnel.


Rigid board insulation: This type of insulation involves fabricating fiberglass or rock wool onto a rigid board or surface. This type of insulation suits newly constructed homes, especially because of its high R-value (3-4). It can be installed easily in unfinished walls, new roofs or basements. It can also be molded around pipes, and into different sizes.

house foundation construction thermal insulation with styrofoam

Spray foam: It is made by mixing two chemical compounds, which are later heated. The hot mixture is then sprayed on the desired spaces using specialized equipment. When the foam comes into contact with a surface, it expands to about 50-100 times the original size, and then cools to create an airtight seal on that surface.


Why Spray Foam Insulation?


Spray foam insulation is strong and durable. Spray foam is especially unique and top-of-the-line because it uses the highest R-value (6.88/inch) materials commercially available today. Although it will cost you more to install spray foam insulation, compared to other products, you can typically recover your investment in less than three years in terms of energy cost savings.

Take note that in order for spray foam to work efficiently and for you to reap its full benefits, you should have it installed by professionals and that is what The Home Insulators offers you. Substandard installation will leave gaps that can allow heat transfer. Although a bit costly, you can forget about your insulation woes for many years. Spray foam also reduces the use of air filters and minimizes contamination by common home allergens. Other benefits include:

Reduced monthly energy expenditures by 30-40%

Muffling outside noise

Spray foam improves air quality

The resale value of your home increases

Deters pests and rodents

Doesn’t require extensive modification of existing house structures








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