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Let The Home Insulators help you reduce your heating and cooling bills! We are experts in all types of home insulation and are the #1 provider of spray foam insulation in Rye. The Home Insulators has been serving Rye and Westchester County for more than 10 years and we look forward to working with you on your home insulation requirements.


Many of Rye’s beautiful homes are older and could benefit from a free energy audit. Proper home insulation is the one of the most cost-effective and practical way to increase your home’s energy efficiency during both the hot days of summer, and the cold days of winter. Did you know that most homes in America spend over 50% of their monthly energy bill on heating or cooling? This is because most homes have inadequate insulation, which is the major cause of energy leakage and leads to much higher utility bills. So, why wait to save money on your utility bill? Call us today at to schedule a free home energy audit with one of our specialists.


The second law of thermodynamics states that heat passes from warm places to cool places. During the winter, heat moves from your heated rooms to the colder spaces in your unheated attic, basement or garage, and eventually seeps outdoors. In the summer, the opposite occurs, with the hot air outside moving in towards your cool, air-conditioned interiors. The primary purpose of insulation is to create a barrier that reduces the movement of heat in and out of your home.

Types of Insulation

The Home Insulators offers several different types of home insulation to accommodate every budget. The effectiveness of insulation is measured in R-values, or the rate of thermal resistance that the insulation material provides. Higher R-values provide greater insulation than lower R-values, which contributes to lower energy bills.

We offer these types of insulation:

Batt and Roll Insulation (R-value ranges from 2 to 4 per inch). This is the one of the most common types of insulation available. It is also known as blanket insulation, and is usually made of flexible polyester, rock wool, fiberglass or recycled paper. Batt rolls are available in a wide range of sizes that are designed to fit the standard space between your wall studs, or joists in your attic or roof. This is one of the most cost-effective types of home insulation, but can lose its effectiveness quickly if improperly installed.


Blown-in Insulation (R-value ranges from 3-4 per inch). Loose-fill insulation is typically made of tiny particles of foam, fiber or other materials, such as cellulose, fiberglass, or rock wool. Blown-in insulation works well in a variety of spaces because it can conform to any pre-existing structures, and small spaces. However, blown-in insulation does have its limitations during cold weather, when it drops to -20 degrees. This typically works well in attic spaces, although not as well as spray foam.


Rigid insulation (R-value of 4 and above per inch). This type of insulation consists of fiberglass or rock wool and is used mainly for insulating air ducts in your home. It is also a good choice when you need an insulation product that can hold up against high temperatures. These boards can be fit to cut various sized spaces and can also be molded around pipes.

house foundation construction thermal insulation with styrofoam

Spray foam insulation (R-value of 6 and over per inch.) The Home Insulators is proud to offer a superior solution for the residents of Rye. Spray foam usually has a higher R-value than batt and roll fiberglass, blown-in or rigid insulation. This makes spray foam a good option for new homeowners, or long-time residents who are looking to lower their heating bill.

Why Spray Foam Insulation?


The spray foam used by The Home Insulators has the highest R-value commercially available at 6.88 per inch and can reduce condensation and eliminate air filtration. When installed by professionals, this foam creates a complete air flow seal that serves as an extremely effective air and thermal barrier. It reduces condensation and eliminates air filtration. There are no seams, fasteners, or joints needed with spray foam which leads to superior thermal performance and reduced thermal bridging through the studs. Spray foam applications can be used for interior and exterior wall insulation, HVAC ductwork, ceilings, below grade areas, and even roofs. Spray foam is approved by all of the major building codes in the U.S. and has been extensively tested.

Benefits of Spray Foam

Spray polyurethane foam is hands-down the best type of insulation at reducing leakage into the air. The Home Insulators recommend spray foam as the most effective and cost-effective way to make your home more comfortable while lowering your energy bills. However, spray foam is the only insulation technique that offer a complete air-seal. The spray foam that we use has the highest R-value available commercially at 6.88 per inch. When installed by The Home Insulators’ professional staff, this foam creates a complete air flow seal that is an extremely effective air and thermal barrier. Installing insulation can also reduce condensation and eliminate the need for air filtration. Professionally applied spray foam leads to superior thermal performance, and reduced thermal bridging through the studs. In addition, spray foam applications can also be used for various interior and exterior shots. Spray foam can also help preserve your duct work, below grade areas, and even rooms.


Typically, many older homes in Rye are less energy efficient. Let our qualified energy specialists make the best assessment on the overall efficiency of your home. The auditor will be able to determine what places are in need of air sealing by conducting a blower test.

Which Insulation is Best?

Batts and blankets are widely available, and are a very cost-effective option. Though you may be able to install this project by yourself, batts and blankets are better handled by professionals. Fiberglass or rock wool can be very damaging to your skin, and tricky to install. If installed improperly, batts and rolls will lose more than 50% of their R-value in a short amount of time. Spray foam insulation, however, provides maximum thermal performance and can dramatically reduce your energy bills all year round. Spray foam is not biodegradable and will not shrink or settle over time. It creates an air-tight seal throughout your home.

Spray Foam Costs

Spray foam is an excellent investment. It will quickly pay you back over time by reducing your heating and air conditioning needs. You could save 20% or more on your monthly energy bill. In addition, spray foam can increase the resale value of your home.

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Call us today about your insulation needs and how The Home Insulators can help reduce your energy bills permanently. We are fully bonded and insured and our trained and qualified insulation professionals will make sure the job is done right. All of our work is guaranteed and we can provide references from many of your neighbors in Rye.

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