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Welcome to The Home Insulators. Our company specializes in home insulation products and their installation. We guarantee professionalism and an excellent customer service while addressing your home insulation needs. One of our major goals and driving forces is to constantly provide our clients with the latest and most efficient home insulation solutions in the market. We are now proud to be serving the Valhalla community of Mount Pleasant. For many years, we’ve been servicing Westchester County by providing them with effective solutions, which have saved them on their heating and cooling costs.


Valhalla is located 2 miles north of White Plains, New York, and 25 miles northeast of New York City. It is small, but one of the wealthiest towns in New York, and the entire nation. The town is home to many attractions that will make you not want to leave: the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Graham Hills County Park, Bergen County Zoological Park, the Abyssinian Baptist Church, and many more. Due to weather changes, in winter especially, many homes in Valhalla can benefit from the range of insulation products offered by The Home Insulators. To schedule your free energy audit with one of our experts, call us today. For Valhalla’s home insulation solutions, we are the #1 service providers and satisfied clients in your neighborhood can attest to that.


Ever wondered why you constantly pay high energy bills? You’ll be surprised to learn that your home, and many others out there, are lacking effective insulation. To compensate for the inadequacy, you end up spending up to 50 percent more energy for either heating or cooling. To reverse these losses and conserve energy, you should consider revamping your home’s insulation. This is one of the easiest ways of increasing your home’s energy efficiency. It is also quite easy and affordable.


To get you started, we’ll cover some home insulation basics. First, the units used for measuring effective insulation are called R-values. The values represent a material’s resistance to heat flow, also known as thermal transfer. High R-value rated products are those which offer better insulation against heat transfer, while products with lower R-values have a lesser capacity to achieve the same. The selection of home insulation products is influenced greatly by your home’s location and environment. For instance, low R-value products are suitable for California homes. Homes in the Northeast, however, demand higher R-value products because they experience all the four seasons, coupled by constant high humidity. When winter kicks in, your home experiences tremendous heat loss through unheated spaces in the basement or attic, due to inadequate insulation. In summer, the reverse happens: the cooling capacity of your home is greatly affected by heat transfer to the cool areas. The result is that your AC works even harder to cool, and this translates to more energy consumption. The idea of insulation is fairly simple: to reduce flow of heat in and out of your home resulting in lower energy bills, and more resource conservation.

Types of Insulation

The Home Insulators offer not only a wide range of home insulation products, but also a team of highly skilled professionals who are ready to address all of your question and concerns. We have products suitable for every budget. Sometimes you may not be sure of what exactly your home needs. You shouldn’t be alarmed. You can simply call and schedule an appointment with one of our qualified energy auditors who will guide you further. Consultation is absolutely free and during this time, the auditor will perform a simple blower test that assesses your home’s energy efficiency. The test results will show which areas in your home stand to benefit from insulation through the inclusion of seals and thermal barriers. After the inspection, the auditor will issue you with free estimate (no obligation) for one of the following recommended insulation options:


Batts and Rolls: They are made of either fiberglass, cellulose, or rock wool. They come in different thicknesses and widths suitable for both standard and non-standard spaces in walls, basements, and attics. Batts and rolls can also be referred to as blanket insulation because you can roll them to fit a required space.









Blown-in/Loose-fill: This is best suited for unfinished attics. They will also work well in small, almost unreachable spaces. Installation of blown-in insulation requires a special truck and hose to blow it in.









Rigid Foam Sheathing: Suitable for newly-constructed or remodeled homes. This type of insulation product has a higher R-value, which translates to improved thermal efficiency. The product can also be installed both for interiors and exteriors.

house foundation construction thermal insulation with styrofoam







A Superior Solution

Spray foam is The Home Insulator’s recommended superior choice. It is capable of greatly reducing your monthly energy bills, as spent in cooling and heating. Although spray foam generally costs more than the other insulation products listed above, you stand to recoup your expenses within three years. The U.S. Department of Energy projects that proper insulation can lower your energy costs by up to 40 percent. Spray foam is a compound made up of different types of chemicals. The compound is first heated, and then sprayed using a special hose. After heating, the bio-safe foam expands to 50-100 times its initial size. The foam then spreads to cover the intended regions. After cooling and hardening, the foam creates an airtight seal. This is an advantage for you because other insulations, especially those installed unprofessionally, may leave gaps that allow heat transfer.


Why Spray Foam Insulation?


The Home Insulators use the spray foam with the highest R-value (6.88 per inch) commercially available. The foam is so effective that with professional installation, it creates a thermal seal with unparalleled insulation. The Home Insulators recommend this type of insulation for Valhalla and Westchester County because not only does it help to minimize moisture, but it also eliminates the need to filter air by reducing your home’s exposure to allergen contamination. Alongside reduction of thermal bridging in your entire home, spray foam has other benefits including:


Up to 30 to 40 percent reduction in monthly energy costs.


Less exterior noise entering the house

Enhanced air quality

Higher resale worth

Low impact on house modification-no need to damage walls.

Discourages insect and rodent infestation



Call us today

To learn how best The Home Insulators can reduce your energy consumption and costs, don’t hesitate to call us. A blower test is free. Our professional team is available round-the-clock to address any questions you may have. Our company also prides itself in being fully insured and bonded, and you can trust we will get the job right the first time. Our professional team has over 40 years of experience in handling and installing home installation solutions in Valhalla. We guarantee our work and we have a comprehensive list of references from our Westchester County clients to back our quality services. In Valhalla, we are your #1 home insulation solutions provider so give us a call today.



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