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Thank you for taking time to visit our site to learn more about our business and services we offer. We strive to be the best at home insulation in Westchester County. We’ve been serving Westchester for decades now and we are happy to have helped many homeowners in the area lower their energy bills due to improved efficiency.


It’s about time you addressed the issue of inadequate insulation in your home. Many of the homes in Westchester County could have a lot to gain from a free in-home energy audit. Inadequate insulation may be the reason why your energy bills are always so high. More than 50% of what you spend on heating and cooling is most likely going to either air-conditioning or heating. One way of reducing your monthly utility bills is through significantly upgrading your home’s insulation. Raising energy efficiency in your home is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of reducing your energy bills. Call us now to schedule your free in-home energy audit today.


Home insulation products’ effectiveness is measured using R-values. R-values are indications of the home insulation material’s ability to resist heat loss and heat transfer. Homes in Westchester County can gain a lot from the use of products with higher R-values because of the high level of precipitation, long cold winters, and variable climate all through the four seasons. The laws of thermodynamics explain why proper insulation is important. During winter, heat naturally moves towards the colder areas in your home such as the basement or unheated attic, and then eventually moves outside. During summer, the reverse happens, with hot air outside moving inside the home to your air-conditioned rooms. Improving your home’s insulation will create an excellent barrier against transfer of heat, making your home comfortable while saving energy at the same time.

Types of Insulation

Our company offers several kinds of home insulation products and can work within any client’s budget. We know it can be confusing to understand all the different options available, so we will work together with you to find the best product that suits your home’s needs as well as your budget needs.


When you schedule your free in-home energy audit, one of our energy specialists will visit your home to perform a blower test. This simple practice helps our auditor determine which spaces in your home are efficient and which are not. Based on the outcome of the test, our energy auditor may suggest one of the following types of insulation products to increase energy efficiency in your home.


*Batts and rolls insulation


It is also referred to as blanket insulation. The name blanket is given because it comes as a large roll that is cut and fitted to fill gaps between your attic studs. It is generally composed of rock wool, cellulose, fiberglass, or recycled paper. It comes in various R-values, and can be very cost-effective for your home. Nevertheless, we advise you to ask a professional to help you with installation. Fiberglass can be quite hard to work with, can cause skin irritation and other health problems if the user is not properly protected. Also, if this insulation product is installed improperly, it can end up losing close to 50% of its efficiency because of the spaces in coverage.









*Blown-in/Loose-fill insulation


This is a type of insulation product composed of tiny particles of home insulation materials like rock wool, cellulose, fiberglass, or recycled material. It is called “blown-in” because of the method of applying it, which is through blowing the material through a specialized hose. This product works well in different spaces in your home, like small spaces, unfinished attics, areas that are hard to reach, and new or existing wall spaces. Our professional team of technicians is fully qualified in this procedure, and can install new home insulation products in your home in just a day typically.


*Rigid board insulation


This one is made of rock wool or fiberglass, and comes in large, strong sheets that are hand cut to fit different spaces in the home. It’s an excellent option for new construction projects as well as unfinished walls or new roofs. It can also be molded around air ducts or pipes. Homeowners in Westchester County who are thinking about a home remodel or home addition can call us today for a free estimate on rigid board insulation.

house foundation construction thermal insulation with styrofoam

*Spray foam insulation


We are proud to offer you this high quality product that offers an unmatched thermal and heat barrier. These insulation products have some of the highest R-values in the market today. Spray Foam is composed of two different chemical types that are mixed together, heated and finally sprayed through a special hose. This totally bio-safe foam increases in size instantly to create an airtight seal with great insulation properties. Spray foam can be used between joists and studs all through your home, and can even be used in existing walls. If it’s an existing wall, we will begin by drilling a small hole into the wall, and then inserting the spray foam to expand all through the wall. The small hole will then be patched, so there’s no need for the dust and problems common with knocking down walls.


Why Spray Foam Insulation?


Why spray foam insulation?


The Home Insulators of Westchester County recommend spray foam insulation as the best method to make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable. Although spray foam is usually more expensive than other insulation products, it generally tends to pay for itself in less than 3 years. This is because you will end up saving up to 40% on your monthly energy bills all through the year. Other advantages of spray foam insulation include:


*Improvement in air quality

*A quieter home, with less noise from outdoors

*Higher resale value

*Less than pests and rodents

*Less allergens in your home








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Call us today for a free quote on any of the products we offer. If you are interested in scheduling a free in-home energy audit to determine how much of your heat and air are wasted due to inefficiency, call us today.


Westchester County, NY


Westchester County, New York is estimated to have a population of close to 950,000 people. Perhaps what has made the area’s population grow over the years is the quiet suburban lifestyle that so many New Yorkers often crave at some point of their life. Westchester County is known to have a fairly unpredictable climate with some of the coldest winters. These winters last for longer periods of time as compared to those in the south of New York. Energy efficiency improvements are very wise to invest in within Westchester.



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