Attic Insulation

Low cost affordable attic insulation upgrades can help you make rooms more livable and lower your utility bill.

Attics are a wintertime boon. Heat can easily escape into an attic that is not well insulated. Warm air naturally rises to the ceiling and escapes through unsealed areas, this can be a problem especially in the winter. During the summer the temperature changes, but the problem is the same. The hot, stuffy attic air naturally falls and invades your comfort zone.


Six Signs of Improper Insulation

  1. Rooms under the attic are warmer or colder than others.
  2. Electric/Gas/Fuel bills are higher than they should be.
  3. Chilly/Cold Drafts in the winter
  4. Attic beams can be seen over or under the insulation in place.
  5. Insulation is less than 10 inches.
  6. Exposed attic ducts above the insulation.


  • Cut your heating and cooling costs by up to 40% and Stay in comfort too so your home never gets too hot or too cold. You will not need maintenance if it done right the first time.
  • Make your home a Green Home.
  • Most homes have R-19 9 inches US. Energy recommends 16 inches – R-60

Most local building codes only require minimum performance standards which well below what the experts recognize today. Overlooked insulation needs was caused by cheap fuel heating The quality Attic Services offer by The Home Insulators will make your home efficient despite the construction shortcomings of the past. At the Home Insulators we use Air Tightness testing to find air leakage along with Top quality insulation and Air Sealing Materials


  • No Charge Inspection
  • Free Estimates
  • Expert installation
  • Duct Sealing and Duct Insulation
  • Cellulose, Spray Foam and the SuperAttic® System
  • Comprehensive home energy assessments



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