Basement Insulation

Having a comfortable home starts in the Basement


Nightmares with Fiberglass. Fiberglass batt are not suited for a basement when placed between the basement ceiling/living floor joists or in crawl spaces. The result is absorption of moisture leading to mold, Compression of the insulation leading to R-value loss and eventually displacement leaving large gaps.

Fiberglass batts in your basement make little to no difference in improving the comfort and use of energy in your homeAt the Home Insulators who have a wide range of better insulation materials that will work to improve your energy efficiency significant. Our experts will give a full home inspection and give you professional advice on how to create an efficiency plan for you basement.

The results will mean:

  • Basement will become useable again, with low humidity and loveable temperature.
  • No more Mold and mildew w
  • Cold winter air from air filtration that is neither desired nor needed will stop.
  • Heating an dolling cost will be lower
  • The main living area will be more comfortable.


Solution-Rigid foam against the walls of the basement which are also the foundation with adhesive materials and masonry fasteners.


ThermalDry™ decking is an exciting combination of moisture resistant and mold resistant subflooring with rigid foam floor insulation.


Rigid Foam- New and exciting innovative produces for wall and floor insulation


The biggest difference between rigid foam insulation and fiberglass batts it the fact that rigid foam will not compress, or lose R-value or even fall out of place. It is a perfect fit for the basement.  Products like SilverGlo™ and ThermalDry™ for subfloor Panels that are insulation.


Placing these panels in the basements makes the home more energy efficient and more comfortable. These products have particles in them that reflect heat and produce R-value that is superior. Within the rigid foam panels is also a radiant barrier which reflects heat back into or out of the basement.

To maximize both comfort and energy efficiency which could lead to money in your wallet, it is an excellent idea to insulate both the floor in the basement and the walls.  If your plan is to remodel the4 basement and you would like finished floor, ThermalDry™ insulated floor decking is the best option.

This product comes with squares that combine rigid foam insulation and a special kind of moisture resistant underplaying. The squares are 2 x 2 ft. and they interlock.  This a good idea because both the basement floor insulation is taken care of along with the subflooring, all in one installation.

When the walls are insulation our Experts and The Home Insulator can also work to seal and insulate the floor/rim joist in your basement and/or crawl space to eliminate any air that can escape.



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