Installing Insulation on the Floor above a Crawl Space


A complete transformation. The damp, dirt-floored space is no longer a liability, durability is improved as is indoor air-quality.  Through the process a special waterproofing methods is used. Also, air-sealing and insulating products take place to get rid of problems.

If crawl space insulation is not in place, the living space above will be uncomfortable and cold in the winter.  In the summer, it will be filled with mold and undesirable musty odors that can make their way to the upstairs.

The old days of construction coded crawls spaces to be vented. But the small screened air vents allow air to circulate into the crawl space. The builder put fiberglass batts  between the joists to separate the crawl space to separate the living space from the crawl space.

Eventually people discovered that moisture dampness, damaged insulation, mold and rotten wood were forming, due to this method.

Insulate the Walls along the crawl space rather than the floor above the crawl space

Most builder today would recommend that the crawl space foundation be sealed totally. “Encapsulaiton” The outer air is cep out by closing the wall vents. Only a well-sealed access door should be provided. Instead of encapsulating the floor above the space rigid foam insulation is installed against the walls of the crawl space.

Rigid foam has perfect qualities for basements and crawl spaces. With rigid foam, no moisture or mold gets through and it does not compress, fall out of place or lose R-value upon installation.

Sealing and Encapsulating when combined with up correct crawl space insulation, can change a damp directly, moldy area, to something clean, and conditioned.



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