Floor Insulation

Tolerate Chilly floor s and expensive heating bills no longer with flooring insulation from The Home Insulator


Have a Cold Floor- The remedy for this is proper floor insulation , this is especially true if your floor is above the garage, The Home Insulators can stop cold flooring in the winter with the installation of dense-pack cellulose insulation.

Custom made Solutions for Insulation

Of all the different type of insulation available each kind has its own positive and negative aspects. At The Home Insulators we offer a contracting services for all your insulation needs. We have access to top quality materials and we offered unparalleled Innovative solution for your home and your budget. You will get the best value and unmatched service when you choose to upgrade with The Home Insulators.

Cold floors are a problem during the seasons where the heaters are use. The room is comfortable but the floors are not. If the floors do not have the right insulation, the warmest rooms can feel cold, because the feet are cold and your body loses a lot of heat energy from your feet.


  • Floor over a garage- Cellulose, dense-pack is what is recommended for a garage ceiling with gypsum board.


  • Floors over the basement – The rim joists are the top concern above the basement. They need to be sealed and insulated. The process involves 2-part spray foam or combining rigid foam with spray foam. Rigid foam on the walls of the basement is also highly recommended.


  • Insulation for the basement floor- Try to stay away from wood subflooring on the basement floor. This automatically avoids mold and moisture damage. Rather, subflooring like ThermalDry Floor decking can be used as a specialized alternative. It is made from waterproof rigid foam and a composite boards.


  • Floor over a crawl space – The method used in crawl spaces is called encapsulation. This includes sealing the rim joists, sealing vents, and crawl space doors. In the Northern states, rigid wall insulation should also be considered.


  • Floor over a cantilever – This area usually juts out of an upper floor overhand. It too requires an insulation upgrade. First the soffit material is removed, to provide access to the joists that can then be sealed and insulated.


Not having enough or no insulation at all brings discomfort to all rooms. It also increases your cost of living. You do not need to live with these problems. The Home Insulator can work to insulate your floor and lower your energy costs



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