Insulation: Attic Roof


A new thermal barrier: One of the best ways to protect the roof of the attic is to place a continuous layer of rigid foam insulation just beneath the rafters as the picture shows above.

Having Attic insulation is a very important factor toward having an energy saving, comfortable home. The standard and effectiveness of energy efficiency is all dependent on the kind of insulation chosen and where it is installed, if properly. The money spent on insulation will continue paying off for the remainder of your home ownership. It is critical to make the right choices for insulation and where it is installed.

Two places are usually chosen to install attic insulation. The floor of the attic or just beneath h roof. When people use their attics for living spaces or for storage, attic roof insulation is the right choice.

The following are all the materials that can be used for insulation in the attic roof.


Fiberglass batt insulation: This is usually placed between the rafters in the attic. A baffle is usually placed under the sheathing of the roof in each of the bays, before the fiberglass can be installed. The purpose of the baffle is to let the attic ventilate properly by attaching the soffit bents to the ridge vent.


Spray foam insulation: This form of insulation is sprayed between the rafters. This can be controversial because it will not let the area for ventilation breath. The result can be trapped moisture which leads to rotten roof sheathing.


Rigid Foam insulation: Rigid foam is installed in between or just beneath the rafters in the attic. Some also come with a radiant barrier for more energy efficiency. This can provide better value and performance.



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