Spray Foam Insulation

The advantages of using spray foam

  • Fills in gaps and cracks without flows
  • Stops loss of air and energy along with providing insulation value
  • Will not compress in size of fall out of place, nor will it lose R-value like fiberglass.
  • Closed-cell spray foam is water-proof and does not absorb water.


Insulation which is of top performing grade can be used in different ways for many different jobs

Of all the different kinds of insulation for the home, spray foam outperforms competitor in R-Value, resistance to mold and moisture, damage, durability, air sealing and versatility.

Spray foam may be pricier than other kinds of insulation but the advantages outweigh the costs considering the benefits it provides.


Three Choices for spray foam- for simple spot application such as sealing , spray foam can be dispensed from a disposable can.  Two part-spray foam can be used to insure that attic ductwork is sealed and insulatied. Larger application involve using a specially equipped truck.



Depending on the Size of the jobs spray foam can be installed from a can, a canister or a big barrel

To help our customers understand how all the various spray foma products are put to use is to show how the foam is applied. Pressurized cans “one part” spray foam are used mostly for ensuring that gaps and cracks are sealed. This is an inexpensive option. Coming in bigger containers and needing to mixed is the 2-part spray foam. When  it is ready to be applied a resin and catalyst compound are mixed dogether created a chemical reaction that makes the expanding foam. Many contractors have smaller 2-part “kits” to insure sealing in the atic or in the ductwork. However, to insulate a complete attic or a wood-framed wall, the two chemicals are mixed from huge 50 gallons durms from a professional truck.


“SPF” also known as Closed-Cell is used for big jobs

Spray Polyurethane Foam “SPF” is the most popular type of 2-part closed-cell foam that is used by most professionals. The size of the job emans that safety gear and other type of job-specific equipment to prepare and protect the professional from breathing fumes while installing. When the job is finished, and the foam hardens, in only a few minutes, the foam is perfectly safe for as long as it is in its place.

If applied properly, SPF buildes a heavily insulated space that is energy efficient. To decide if spray foam is the right option for your home’s comfort and efficnecy, contact The Home Insulators today. The home Insulators will be happy to give a Free Estimate for your SPF installation needs.



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