Asbestos and Vermiculite

Poor standards and lax codes in the past have led to the use of a wide assortment of materials that can sometimes be hazardous. In nature, Sawdust, corn cobs, and straw are used as natural insulator. One natural insulator is classed Vermiculite. Vermiculite is a type of mineral with a shiny and flaky texture, just like mica. Vermiculite becomes a good insulator when it is heated to very high temperatures. Here the Vermiculite expands in shape and becomes lightweight, porous and fire resistant.  Vermiculite is only used sparingly now and almost never in new homes. Older home do in fact contain vermiculite.


Vermiculite and Asbestos Mixed Together-

Vermiculite was originally installed in the United States from just one mine in Montana. Asbestos was also mined in this region. As a result, some asbestos may be mixed in with the Vermiculite. If you own an older home and discover Vermiculite insulation, please follow these procedures for safety:

  • Do not remove or attempt to move the insulation by yourself
  • Do not allow children in the area around the Vermiculite
  • You may install new installation over it, but only if the professional hired for the job does not move it.
  • If you need to move or remove the Vermiculite Insulation, contact an asbestos abatement professional to perform the job.



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