Fiberglass Insulation


Recycled but Wasteful to Make

Most fiberglass is mad of of glass that is recycled, which is green and environmentally friendly. Making fiberglass, on the other hand wastes a lot of energy. To convert molten glass into fiber, it is necessary to use a very hot furnace with temperatures ranging up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Fiberglass comes in many different varieties. Batts, blankets, blown-in insulation

Blankets, Batts, and Blown-in Insulation

The inside of a pillow can be likened to fiberglass. Whether blown-in or installed with batts, fiberglass is the most widely recognized form of insulation. Fiberglass is not only used for insulation many vehicles, fishing rods and other products as well.

Batts- batts come in different thicknesses and widths.  Batts can be either covered with a face or come unfaced. Faced batts can be covered with plastic, foil or Kraft paper.  The facing is an advantage because first it is easy to install, and second it creates a barrier of air and vapor or with foil it creates a radiant vapor barrier. The width of the Batts depends on the layout between the studs, span and rafter.  Usually these range between 16 inches and 24 inches.


Blankets- are wider and thinner than batts and has plastic facing on either one side or both sides.


Blown-In Insulation-used primarily for unfinished attic spaces.

Pros and Cons

Fiberglass has both positive and negative aspects about it.  Below are reason to help you make your decision on what is the best choice for your house.


  • One of the less expensive choices available.
  • Easily available
  • Installation is easy (but must be done correctly to get the most energy efficiency)



  • Energy wasted in production
  • Lower R-value than other forms of insulation
  • Does not stop permeating air
  • Irritates skin and hazardous potential during handling and installation
  • Attracts mice and other rodents.
  • Fabric will lose R-Value when it becomes wet or compressed
  • Moisture may cause mold growth


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