R-Value for Insulation

No single magic insulation will complete the job perfectly. An assortment insulation materials used in construction, upgrades, and renovations and retrofitting, can show that the ideal insulation depends on a number of different things. These include: cost, condition of moisture, and what is needed to be installed. R-value is common in all insulation materials. “R” means  Resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value to more the material will resist heat flow. Therefore the value of insulation is greater.


Measuring by Inch or Total R-Value

R-value can be measured in different ways. Every type of insulation has an R-value per inch. Cellulose has an R-3.8 per in.  of insulating value. While spray foam has around R-6 per inch which is higher.  Insulation, however can also be measured in total R-value. Assuming a 3 ½ in.-thick batt of fiberglass is in a wall that is a 2X4 cavity. Then the cavity itself would give a total R-value of R-13 approximately. If the exact same area was filled with spray foam insulation, it would present an R-value of 21.  A home energy profession is more prone to calculate the R-value of various differing types of materials to get the total R-value of a wall, or roof area or floor, depending on the point of focus.

U.S. Department of Energy


Figure 1 Recommended by the Department of Energy


As a result of increasing concern of the cost of energy and climate change around the globe, the U.S. department of Energy has begun to make new standards to recommend for building insulation. As a rule, the colder winter temperatures need a higher level of insulation throughout the house. When our professionals conduct and Energy Audit. The Home Insulators will analyze what your home’s current levels of insulation are with those that are recommended by the Department of Energy



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