Attic Insulation: Blown In



This insulation is made with cellulose. It is applied by a blowing which blows loose-fill insulation. The Blowing machine is attached to a hose which is long and flexible. Not only does this cut your expenses by as much as 40% but it is also a Green Solution.

Green Product

You can save a lot of energy by using cellulose. Up to 40%. Cellulose is actually made from recycled newspaper, which makes it greener.  It is a perfect use for recycling as a energy-saving improvement for the long term. This is not only a good green idea, but also contributes to the economy.  Over 60 manufacturer produce cellulose which are to standard with the Federal Consumer Products Safety Commission for both safety and quality. Once the product is processed and made into a fluffy insulation from newspapers with a very high R-rating, the cellulose product is treated with natural boric acid which makes it fire resistant and repels insects.
Affordable/Better R-Value/Quick Installation

Cellulose can be blown between studs and other areas in buildings, but it is mostly used in unfinished attics.  Big bags or tightly packed bales of cellulose are put into the blower which is usually done outside of the house. The machine shreds the cellulose and runs it through a long, flexible hose that blows into the attic. Cellulose can be blown over existing insulation, if it is in decent condition.  Once the attic has been sealed to minimize loss of air and maximize efficiency, the process of applying Blown in Insulation with cellulose usually takes one day or less to complete. The application process produces dust, which is not hazardous. Our workers wear masks, however.


With a combination of Air Ceiling and Upgrade in attic insulation, you can cut your home’s costs for heating and cooling by up to 40%. This is a long-lasting one time improvement which will bring comfort, and energy efficiency to your home for as long as you own your hose. (Utility Costs too)



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