Energy Saving Costs in your Attic

Many factors can contribute to loss of heat from the attic. Insulation, soffit vents, the stack effect recessed lighting, pull down stairs, radiant barriers, and ducts/HVAC can all play a part in letting air escape.

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Almost half of total energy use in most households can be dedicated to heating and air-conditions. The role the attic plays on this is sizable. Both heating and cooling are heavily impacted by the attic.

The reason for this is not as easy as some people think.  The ductwork, vents and fans are all there. The Insulation R-value is dependent on the thickness and quality of the insulation materials, the insulation types are also something to consider. Other factors also contribute like HVAC equipment’s location in the attic, the stack effect, and the fans in the attic, recessed lighting, and air leaving the room to the attic. The home insulators will help you understand the problems in your attic, and will create an estimate for improving your energy costs.  Not only that, we will help reduce pollution in your home and bring it closer to being a green home.



Just the Facts


  • Getting an Attic Radiant barrier can save your AC cost by up to 10%
  • Moisture and Mold buildup can be prevented by proper Attic Ventilation
  • A radiant barrier will insulate your home 365 days a year

Attic Insulation

The Majority of attics do not have proper insulation fitting to the Guidelines of the U.S. Department of Energy. When the times comes to do it yourself, confusion sets it.  Our professional servicemen at The Home Insulator are well-educated and will keep you informed on how to save money on heating and cooling costs.  We will also show you how to make your house more energy efficient by using top quality insulation and sealing the gaps where air can escape.


Fans and Vents in the Attic

Our home insulator professionals will help to explain how each attics vent system and fan works and will give an evaluation of its efficiency and effectiveness. We also install new vents and replace and/or remove fans in the attic. In order to be energy efficient an attic must have proper ventilation.  Proper ventilation also stops mold from growing and keeps moisture out to prevent damage. Roof shingles will last longer when the attic beneath them is properly ventilated.


The Attic Radiant Barrier

The Radiant Barrier in the attic is a shade that blocks the sun.  On excessively warm days the radiant barrier prevents your attic from overheating. This also helps the rest of the house stay cooler, saving you money on Air Conditioning costs. Similarly in winter months, the radiant barriers traps heat and prevents it from escaping. This saves money on heating costs.









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