Installing Insulation on the Attic Roof

Lower your utility bills, make your home more comfortable and increase your home’s value with roof attic installation. Attic installation can mean a big difference to home energy and efficiency.  Having it on the floor is important but having on the roof has several benefits. The can eliminate waste and increase efficiency. It can add comfort to your home, and it can mean that ductwork will work better.

Reasons to upgrade or get new attic roof installation.

  1. Expensive Heating and Cooling costs.
  2. Rooms under the attic are either too hot or too cold.
  3. Equipment in the attic such as Ducts or HVAC equipment.
  4. Attic floor is covered and used for storage.



Foam vs. Fiberglass:  Choose Foam


It is common for many home builders to use “Fiberglass Batts” between the rafters in the attic to insulation higher ceilings and the roof of the attic. But modern methods are more efficient than Fiberglass batts even though it is widely used.  When the natural elements cause fiberglass to shrivel and lose it’s “R-value” it becomes weaker and lets the air though from below. Using uncompromising foam boards and spray foam insulation will ensure that your energy efficiency stays the same over time.


Type of Foam Insulations

AtticRoof_1 AtticRoof_2

Spray foam – also called Spray Polyurethane Foam- This type of insulation creates and air and moisture blockade along with a R-value that is very high. It is most often used in the areas between the rafters in the tic. Use this option if you are thinking of making your attic a useable room.

Rigid Foam Insulation – Rigid foam insulation is placed between the attic rafters, and/or directly beneath the rafters. Rigid foam installation are sheets of varying thickness hat have an air and moisture barrier along with a high R-value.

Combination of Fiberglass and rigid foam – these two together can provide a good quality roof insulation. In this situation, first fiberglass batts are installed between the attic rafter, following only a thin layer of rigid foam is attached underneath the attic rafters.

Let us help you clear the air- Call the Home Insulators for advice from our professionals. We do the job right and help fix installation that were done improperly. Our professionals and quality materials make  us the right choice.  Contact us today through phone or e-mail for a free consultation and free estimate.



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