Floor Insulation in your Basement

The cold and damp concrete based floor will be insulated with top-; performing insulation products

Making your basement livable through finishing, etc. is a good way to make your homes living space larger. Insulation is a key factor to this process, ending up with a comfortable, energy efficient addition that will lower your costs in the long run. Usually running along the bottom of the basement is a concrete slab. Unfortunately, unless you have insulation, you could end up with a floor that is cold.  You also need subfloor material like  ThermalDry™.


Problems caused by wood subflooring and how to prevent them.


 Many professionals remedy cold concrete by using plywood subflooring installed on top of wood sleepers that are on the concrete slab. The problem however is that it absorbs moisture, and attracts mold which can lead to nightmares such as decay. In these situations the floor will have to be torn out, ruining the entire investment.

Make sure your floor is insulated correctly, the first time, the right way with our expert recommendations form The Home Insulators. Call now for a free estimate and quote.


ThermalDry Floor Decking a distinct advantage


  • Cold Concrete turns into a cozy/warm floor. The many layers inside of some rigid foam insulation create a strong thermal barrier, that keeps the floor nice an warm and significantly reduces the loss of heat
  • Mold/Moisture damage eliminated-ThermalDry™ does not gather mold or be affected by moisture.
  • Versatility- With the top notch performing level, ThermalDry can go over any type of concrete slab.
  • No-Hassle Insulation- The panels from Thermal dry do not need difficult masonry fasteners. They interlock and you can complete it in just one step.


One-Step Installation of both Floor Insulation and Underlayment


A ThermalDry board consists of two materials, both of which are inorganic. SilverGlo rigid foam Insulation which is infused with graphite, and a magnesium oxide board. Wood materials take in moisture which can lead to mold. ThermalDry has SIlverGlo rigid foam and also composite boards. These inorganic materials will not take any damage from moisture and mold.

Packaged ThermalDry has 2ft x 4ft interlocking panels that interlock together with a tongue and groove joint.  Putting this down insulates the slab and the underlayment in one step. The bottom layer of the thermal dry is a 1 inch thick rigid foam insulation material creating a continuing thermal barrier between the concrete and the floor. Stuck to the foam, is a magnesium oxide composite which is a waterproof base for finished flooring in your basement.

Get more Warmth and comfortable softness in your Basement floor with Pro Comfort Carpeting


If you choose to place Pro Comfort carpeting on top of the ThermalDry, it will be the perfect combination for covering the cold concrete with a warm cozy alternative.

For a finished floor, Pro Comfort Carpeting fits perfectly with ThermalDry Floor Decking. The composition of Pro Comfort Carpeting is all inorganic material making it completely mold resistant, and perfect fit for your basement.  If installed together both product- ThermalDry and Pro Comfort Carpeting can help move your floor temperature up as much as 17 degrees.  The modular design of Pro Comport Carpeting lets you install the product easily by simply fitting them, and also gives you the option to replace any areas that are damaged.  Talk to our Consultants at The Home Energy Saver to see if this is the right fit for you.

Make your Basement cozy with a solution from The Home Insulator

Call a representative from The Home Insulators to schedule a free estimate and demonstration about the amazing effects of ThermalDry Insulated floor decking and Pro Comfort Carpeting for you basement. We can help you create a warm, comfortable and durable basement floor.



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