Garage Ceiling Insulation


Prior to any new insulation being installed in a garage ceiling, air sealing should take place to ensure that no energy is wasted and to stop toxic car emission from creeping into the living space.

Cars do not require insulation, to stay healthy, but insulating your garage can mean a big difference in your homes costs and comfort



If there is a living space above- Must have Insulation Below


Two-Story homes often have a living space just above the garage. This creates what is call a thermal boundary between the living interior and the outdoor.  To keep the home cozy and energy efficient, the garage ceiling should be insulated and air-sealed without question.

Builders, sometimes neglect to have insulation installed in the ceiling of the garage. They can ignore the ceiling to save money, out of inexperience, or thinking that the ceiling does not need insulation because it is inside of the garage.

However, missing insulation makes that living space on top of the garage very uncomfortable. It is cold in the winter, and hot in the summer.  Energy is wasted around the clock all year round. If the ceiling in the garage is unfinished, you should be able to see the insulation in place or not under a gypsum board. If the garage is finished, it is a good idea to call in professional like those at The Home Insulators.


The Home Insulators should be able to diagnose the ceiling condition and if it has insulation or not. They will provide you a free evaluation and estimate for an upgrade in your garage ceiling.


When a home is constructed with a living area over a garage, the builder may choose to not insulate the roof or celling of the garage. This will ensure, negatively, that the floor over the garage will be chilly in the winter. We at The Home Insulators can fix this problem by using blow-in dens-; pack cellulose between the joists bays from the exterior of the house.

The truth is that the garage roof is a place where most people do not think twice about insulation but in many conditions insulating a garage roof might be important. If you have any situations as mentioned below, call The Home Insulators for a free analysis on insulating the garage roof

Insulation Upgrades needed for living spaces above the garage

In many 2-story homes, often there is often an attached garage that is below the living space. In such situation both the garage ceilings and the roof and walls should be air-sealed and insulated

If the cover of the roof has an unfinished attic, placing blown-in insulation would be the insulation upgrade of choice due to its cost effectiveness. This is true even if the attic has its own fiberglass insulation.


Got a Workshop?


In many situations a garage roof is needed in a 1-story home with an attached garage that is also a workshop area. The way this area is set up makes the difference on whether or not to insulate your space. The most important thing is to remember is that by bringing your home into the envelope makes the garage space more comfortable and energy efficient, whatever the conditions may be outside.  You will also want to insulate the walls to keep the work area comfortable.



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