Upgrading Garage Insulation

Ceiling Insulation in the Garage– It is critical to insulate the garage ceiling if there is a living space above the garage. Many builders will skip this step during construction, for money saving purposes and because sometimes the area is left unfinished. Without insulation, however the area above will be icy cold in the summer and blazing hot in the summer. Energy will be wasted all year.


Insulating garage walls In many cases the garage will be attacked to the house. The one wall that is separating the garage from the living area, needs to be air sealed, then insulated, and finally finished with fire-resistant drywall. A professional energy consultant can inspect the walls for insulation with a special infrared camera, or other expert methods. If there is no insulation, it is a possibility to blow new insulation into the wall though holes drilled into the drywall. Also any escaped air needs to be sealed not only for energy efficiency but also for protection against carbon monoxide and car fumes.

Exterior door inside the Garage- The door from the living space to the garage, not the “garage door” needs to be weather-stripped and insulated fully. This is just like any exterior door. In most places, the building codes also calf or the door to be fire-rated. If you think you door needs to be upgraded, ask The Home Insulators about having a new door installed.



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