Prices of Spray Foam Insulation

Does the performance outweigh the cost?

The higher R-value and reduction of energy loss, along with protection form mold and moisture are the positive sides of spray foam insulation

It is a popular option of late because it is different than fiberglass or cellulose. It looks feels and performs differently, and better. The hardened cured form that comes out of the chemical reaction when mixing the two liquids is a hardened barrier against energy loss

What do consider before using Spray Foam

The fact is that spray foam is more expensive than the traditional methods. Sometimes 2-5 times more expensive than using  fiberglass batts.  But these two are far from equal.

Spray foam insulation will succeed where fiberglass does not

  • Higher R-value : 6-g against R-3.4
  • Seals air spaces and insulates in one application: Fiberglass and cellulose will not do this.
  • Protects against moisture and mold growth
  • Improves the strength of the structure when sprayed between studs, joists and rafters.

Pricing of Spray foam insulation: By Volume


Estimates for placing spray foam usually mean that the contractor will usually estimate the volume when applied. The way this is done is by “Board Feet” for volume measured. The challenges in the area also will be factored in for price.  For example a crawl space is more expensive than new construction.
Talk to your local Dr. Energy Saver dealer to discuss the use of spray foam in your home. Sometimes other types of insulation (rigid foam or cellulose-blown-in) will be preferred options. Call us today for a free no-strings attached estimate.



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