Welcome to The Home Insulators of New Castle

Welcome to The Home Insulators of New Castle. We offer professional home insulation products and services throughout Westchester County. We are proud to serve the hardworking New Castle community.


A common problem we have found in our years of working in New Castle is that many homes lack proper insulation. This could be why you find that your energy bills are always so high. Did you know that almost 65% of your energy bill goes to either air-conditioning and/or heating?


One way you can reduce this cost significantly is by upgrading your home’s insulation. We can help you kill two birds with one stone by increasing your home’s energy efficiency while cutting your energy bill. Why don’t you visit us and let us have a conversation about your insulation? Or even better, give us a call right now to schedule an appointment with one of our professional energy auditors. We offer a free in-home energy audit to see how much air and/or moisture is leaking out of your home.


One way to test the effectiveness of home insulation products is through measuring their R-values. R-values indicate an insulation material’s ability to resist transfer/loss of heat. Home owners in the North, like those of New Castle, can reap great benefits from using higher R-value products for insulating their homes. This is because we live in an area that has long cold winters, humidity, and unpredictable climate throughout the year.


We know why you are losing heat during winter and we will show you how to fix it!

Types of Insulation





When you choose to work with the professionals, you will get access to several kinds of insulation products within your budget. No need to worry, our auditors will help you understand which products suit your New Castle home best. Call us now to schedule your free in-home energy audit.


One of our highly qualified energy auditors will visit your home and conduct a blower test. A blower test helps us establish which areas in the home are the least energy efficient. Once the results are in, our professional may recommend one of the following types of insulation:


– Batts and rolls insulation (blanket insulation)


This comes in a large roll that is cut and fitted and then used to fill the spaces between attic studs. Cellulose, recycled paper, fiberglass, rock wool etc. are some of the materials used to make Batt insulation. Batt insulation is available in a wide range of R-values, and can be extremely cost-effective. However, we recommend you contact a professional to assist you with any insulation. If you don’t install batt insulation correctly, it can lose close to 50% of its efficiency as a result of the gaps in coverage.









-Blown-in/Loose-fill insulation


This one is made of tiny particles of cellulose, recycled material, fiberglass or rock wool. Its name comes from the technique used in its application; the material is blown through a special hose. This product is great for different spaces in your home such as wall cavities, unfinished attics, small spaces, hard-to-reach areas etc. You can expect that our professional technicians have the highest level of training and can be in and out of your home within a day.


-Rigid board insulation


This is made out of rock wool or fiberglass. It comes in sturdy sheets that are large and can be hand cut to fit various spaces in the home. If you have construction projects in the works, this would be a great option to mold those pipes and air ducts. Contact the professionals today and let us get working on any remodeling projects you may have.

house foundation construction thermal insulation with styrofoam







-Spray foam insulation


This is probably the best type and most recommended insulation available for older as well as newer homes. We are proud to offer this service to New Castle residents while guaranteeing you an unsurpassed heat & thermal barrier. Spray foam insulation products have some of the highest R-values available in the market. The attention to detail starts right from the manufacturing process. This product is made using two chemical materials that are first combined, heated and finally sprayed through a special hose. This causes immediate expansion that creates an airtight seal that bears great insulation properties.


Spray foam is great for use between joists and studs in your home, and is also great for use in existing walls. For existing walls, we will start by drilling a small hole into your wall, and then insert the spray foam while expanding the hole in the wall. Our professionals will then patch the small hole so as to prevent dust from entering the home.


Why Spray Foam Insulation?


We recommend spray foam insulation. Spray foam is a bit expensive, but it tends to serve you longer than you can expect. Homeowners can end up saving up to 40% on their heating and cooling bills.


Other benefits spray foam provides include higher resale value, improved air quality, a quiet home thanks to reduction of noise from outside, fewer allergens within the home, etc.



Call us today

You can call us or fill out the form on this page. Our staff, with decades of experience, will help reduce your energy expenditure while making your home more comfortable. Call today to schedule your free in-home energy audit.


Rest assured that we have experience installing all kinds of home insulation products. We are also fully insured. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and we would gladly provide you with references from satisfied clients within New Castle.


Give us a call today and tell your friendly energy auditor on the line how he/she can help you.


About New Castle

New Castle 10510 is a town in Westchester County, New York. The town was initially inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Wappinger and Siwanoy. In 1640, Nathaniel Turner, the chief of the Siwanoy, purchased portions of the town. In 1661, John Richbell bought all the land, including that of the Siwanoy. In 1696, the land was purchased from Richbell’s widow by Caleb Heathcote. What stands as New Castle today was initially integrated as part of North Castle, which in 1736 was jokingly referred to as “the two saddlebags,’. The first early settlers in the area were the Quakers in 1753, who settled in the area that is known as Chappaqua today. Our New Castle location serves Chappaqua 10514 and Millwood 10546.



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