Fix Your Home’s Drafts With Proper Air Sealing

Have you ever felt a small draft coming in through your room, but were never able to pinpoint its exact location? Some people have attributed this draft of unknown origins to a ghost, but The Home Insulators are specialists in locating the source of this breeze. It can come from the smallest gap in your home’s air sealing, which can put a lot of strain on your air conditioning or heating system. These systems will then require a lot more power to keep your home at a desirable temperature. However, locating these gaps is our bread and butter. We can inspect your home at a moment’s notice and make a number of insulation recommendations for improving the air sealing of your home. In fact, we could even determine if your draft is coming from a wall, the ceiling or even the crawlspace.

air sealing

Nearly every home suffers from one of these gaps, which can be caused by a professional such as a plumber, electrician or other contractor cutting corners or by the simple aging of their home. Regardless of the cause, we are available to provide your home with a free energy audit to help you identify any gaps in your home which might be increasing your power bill and lowering the energy efficiency of your home.